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Apr 10

National Library Week is Here!

Posted on April 10, 2017 at 4:31 PM by Christine Deaver

We are so excited to celebrate National Library Week with you! We have awesome activities planned and even some chances for you to win prizes! 

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Here's What's Happening Each Day...

  • Monday: Follow us on Facebook to learn more about our librarian's hobbies, interests and favorite books! See how well you know them when you are asked to guess what is true or not true.
  • Tuesday: On National Library Worker's Day we will be highlighting our non-librarian staff and tell you more about how they serve our patrons on all of our social media accounts.
  • Wednesday: Where/What is it Wednesday will give you a chance to test how much you know about our Library and the items we own! Follow us on social media to see how well you do!
  • Thursday: Everyone knows that librarians just read books all day, right? WRONG—and we’ll prove it! Follow us on Twitter & Instagram as we follow one of our librarians around all day and tweeting about their diverse daily tasks to show that librarians do WAY more than just read books! We will post a re-cap of this fun day on our blog too, so you won't miss it!
  • Friday: Get your 'Friday Five' and get free popcorn! We will be in the Library's Lobby from Noon-6pm on Friday handing out popcorn to anyone that checks out 5 items or more! (While supplies last)
  • Also on Friday: We will broadcast live on Facebook at noon from our Staff Favorites shelf! We will show you all of the books currently on display and tell you more about what each of our staff members likes to read.
  • Saturday: Did you know that our Saturday staff are almost completely different from our regular weekday staff? We will highlight these weekend warriors who come in to serve patrons on our busiest day of the week on our social media accounts.
Make sure to follow our social accounts to keep up with all of the National Library Week activities and come visit for your chance to win prizes!


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