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  1. 2020 MSRC Participant Survey

    We want to know what you think about our summer reading program. Will you tell us a little bit about yourself and answer a few... More…

  2. Comment on Library Services
  3. Group Visit & Tour Form


  4. Staff Suggestions Request

    Let us know what types of books you'd like to hear about from staff!

  5. Young Adult Book Spine Poetry Contest

    Complete this registration form to submit your Book Spine Poetry

  1. Ask the Book Gurus

    Consult the Book Gurus for help finding your next book! Complete the form below to receive a list of personalized suggestions that you... More…

  2. Event Feedback

    Your opinion matters! Tell us all about your experience at our recent program or event.

  3. Library Labyrinth: A Photo Scavenger Hunt

    Photo Scavenger Hunt as part of the Mayor's Summer Reading Club

  4. Suggest a Purchase