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New Catalog Log-In Information
If This is Your First Time Logging in to Our New Catalog...

Please follow these instructions to log in:
  1. Click here to go to the catalog home page
  2. Click on 'Your Account Login' in the upper right corner
  3. Enter your library card number and password. The first time you log in to your account your password will be nrhtempPass (capitalization counts!).
  4. Click on the ‘Account Preferences’ tab in the middle of your screen
  5. Under ‘Account Information and Preferences’ click ’Change’ next to your password
  6. Enter your current password (nrhtempPass) and then enter your new password twice to verify. Your new password must have at least 7 characters, including one letter and one number to be valid.
  7. Write down your password somewhere so that you can remember it
  8. Click ‘Submit