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Year of the Book - 2017
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We believe in books.

Real, physical printed books. No technology can replace the weight of a book, the smell of the paper or the sound of turning a page.

The books on our shelves tell thousands of stories, teach millions of different ideas and showcase hundreds of different viewpoints. Whether you are seeking a new career, a new perspective or an old favorite, you get to decide what you will discover.

Books help you to be brave and to step outside your comfort zone. Books are the garden where the seeds of inspiration and innovation are cultivated. 

A book can be your sword--arming you with knowledge. A book can be your life raft--saving you from ignorance. A book can also be your happy place--somewhere where you can be whatever you want.

So we're welcoming book lovers of all types to the NRH Library for The Year of the Book in 2017.

We want books to turn NRH into an imaginative and impassioned community of readers on a lifelong quest to know more. 

Join us, won’t you?

Ways to Participate

Join the Reading Challenge!
The Year of the Book Reading Challenge is an online program that encourages readers of all ages to complete literacy activities and log reading throughout 2017 for the chance to win prizes! Activities will aim to improve reading skills in young children and challenge teens and adults to step outside of their reading comfort zones. To sign up visit:

Play Booko!
It’s bingo but with books! You pick a line of five squares. The line can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. For each square, match the description with the book you’ve read. Fill in the title and author of the book in the square. Tick the squares off as you read. Every time you get a Booko your name gets put in a monthly drawing! You may pick up Booko forms at any service desk in the library or download one from:

Consult the Book Gurus!
Looking for your next book? Our librarians will create a customized book recommendation list for you. To get personal recommendations go to

Join Us Live on Facebook!
Join us every second Friday of the month for live reading recommendations from Library staff on Facebook! Each month we will be recommending books in different themes. Visit the Library’s Facebook page at to join us and to learn more.