Celebrating Culture Series

The Celebrating Culture Series, formerly known as the “Fall Concert Series” is a year-round, curated showcase of live performances featuring accomplished local artists across various cultures, genres, and backgrounds. Our goal is for you to leave each performance not only entertained and delighted but also having learned something new! The Celebrating Culture Series is an excellent opportunity for friends and families to enjoy a cultural experience together for free.

Upcoming Performances

Monday, October 10 | 6:00 PM

Hugo & Celina Tango

Celina Rotundo and Hugo Patyn are Argentine Tango dancers, masters, and choreographers who dazzle the world on stage and in every class or workshop they teach. They possess an incredibly particular connection and style, making them first-class dancers with an extensive dance background.


Hugo and Celina Tango Dancers

What Can You Expect at a Celebrating Culture Performance? 

Every performance the Library hosts is unique and captivating, engaging each audience member through music and stories. Here is what our patrons have experienced at previous performances:  

  • A place for family and friends to gather for a cultural experience
  • Interactions with the performers and their instruments  
  • Inside look at the life of an artist 
  • Learning the history of the music performed 
  • Discovering new music 
  • A chance to appreciate performances you might not otherwise see or hear on your own