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Posted on: September 29, 2020

Readalikes: Stephen King

stephen king books

Stephen King is often considered a modern king (ha!) of horror. He excels at stories about good vs. evil, supernatural terrors, and even the darkness based in reality. He’s also known for creating very memorable characters. If you’re a fan of his creepy, haunting work, and want to know some other authors that are similar, we've got a few you might enjoy.

Joe Hill

Hill writes stories that often deal with main characters who are compelled to face a dark or evil force. They are often based in reality but work in some traditional horror aspects. He writes full novels, short stories, and graphic novels, so there is a good variety to choose from. Oh, and he happens to be Stephen King’s son. In this instance, the apple landed directly next to the tree. 

NOS4a2NOS4A2 - Charlie Manx is a mysterious monster who abducts children to create his own twisted family. When he takes Victoria McQueen’s son, a battle begins between mother and monster. This classic tale of good vs. evil would be great for any who loves fantasy and horror elements with a strong female lead. 

Available in: Print | Audiobook | eBook | eAudiobook

locke and keyLocke & Key  - After the death of their father, the Locke children move into his family home. The house is filled with mysteries, including strange keys that each open a door with strange powers. Along with those mysteries, they have to deal with a dark force with their own motivations. Clearly great for graphic novel fans, Locke & Key is for anyone who loves some family drama and the idea of finding the fantastical in the regular world. 

Available in: Print | RBDigital Comics

Jennifer McMahon

McMahon, who previously visited our Library as part of our Behind the Book series, is a writer of thrillers. She often includes murder and the supernatural as part of her stories, calling to mind King’s love of mixing the seemingly normal and the supernatural or unknown. 

the invitedThe Invited - When a couple buys a property to create their dream home, they get more than they bargain for with the property's dark past. The more they learn the more they notice they may not be alone. This book is great for fans of spooky thrillers, who are not afraid of a dark tone. 

Available in: Print | eBook | eAudiobook

Justin Cronin 

Cronin is an author, who like King, writes character-focused horror stories. He works to create a fully formed world for his stories and examines interpersonal relationships between his characters, all while telling an epic story of survival. 

the passageThe Passage - This is the first book in the Passage series. This apocalyptic novel tells the story of a damaged world that is now having to deal with a virus that transforms people into vampiric creatures. As the human race fights for survival, a young girl is found who may be the key to winning the battle. This novel definitely calls to mind King’s The Stand so if you were a fan of that, make sure to check this out. 

Available in: Print | eBook | eAudiobook

Hopefully, these options will help you continue your reading. If you love horror, these should all be up your alley. And if you’ve never ventured into horror before, maybe you’ll want to take a chance on some spooky stories. Happy Reading!

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