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Group Visit & Tour Form

  1. Thank you for your interest in touring the NRH Library and/or The Maker Spot!

    Please note:

    • Group tour requests must be submitted two weeks in advance of when you would like to schedule.
    • Requests will be evaluated and approved based on staff availability.
    • Tours are limited to one hour each but can be customized to your group’s interest.
  2. Our tour of The Maker Spot includes:

    • Dividing your attendees into small groups
    • Rotating all groups through demonstrations of each area in the space
    • Basic information about how to utilize our equipment and take classes TONS of time for Q&A
    • TinkerTime at the end (for younger audiences) where attendees get the chance to play with our LittleBits, MaKey MaKey, Goldie Blox, LEGO & K'NEX kits
  3. Deviations from our standard tour format may be considered depending on staff availability.
  4. Is there an area you would like to focus on?
  5. Which day of the week would you prefer?*
  6. Which times on Wednesday would work for you?
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  7. Which times on Friday would work for you?
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  8. Changes in Schedule

    Please contact us at 817-427-6800 with any changes in schedules or other needs.
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